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Hot Check Division

Cody Hiland
Prosecuting Attorney
20th Judicial District

Post Office Box 328
Conway AR 72033
510 S. German Lane
Conway, AR 72034

Phone (501) 329-8730
Fax (501) 548-0022

Hot Checks comprise one of the most frequent, costly and widespread crimes in our community. If you are a victim who needs assistance collecting on a hot check, please contact us at the phone number above to obtain the information and documents necessary to begin the process. Remember, hot checks can only be controlled with your help. The longer you wait to begin the process, the harder it will be to collect your money.

The Hot Check Division of the Prosecuting Attorney’s Office serves merchants throughout the district in the prosecution and collection of hot checks. This division educates merchants on the prevention of hot check offenses and on effective processing and collection of hot checks.

Education presentations for groups are available. Call 501-450-4927 for more information.