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Faulkner County Road Department 
65 Acklin Gap Road
Conway, AR 72032

Ph: 501-450-4930
Fax: 501-450-4960

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Mark Ledbetter
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It is our goal at the Faulkner County Road Department to provide the best service possible, dividing the responsibilities of existing road maintenance, new road construction, and bridge maintenance and repair, while maintaining a balanced budget and keeping safety at the forefront of our operation.  We strive to be at the cutting edge of road technology and improvement, while using proven methods to deliver the best roads in Faulkner County, which are divided into two categories.

County Maintained Roads:

A County Maintained Road is a road within Faulkner County that has been accepted into the County Maintenance System by the County Judge.  To bring a Private road into the County Maintenance System, the road must first meet Faulkner County Specifications set by Ordinance of the Quorum Court.  Second, the road must be inspected by the Faulkner County Road Foreman for compliance to the road standards.  After the road is inspected, it will set for one calendar year to test the roads integrity. The Road Foremen will come and inspect the road after the integrity check. When the road passes the final inspection, the County Judge, at their discretion, can court order the road into the County Maintenance System.

Private Roads:

A private road is a road within Faulkner County that is not in the County Maintenance System.  The maintenance on a private road is the responsibility of the citizens who own the property along the road.

Road Improvement or Maintenance:

It is required by ordinance to obtain a permit, prior to building, maintaining , or altering a road in Faulkner County.

Road Bonding:

It is required by ordinance to bond all county roads for use by the oil and gas industries, utilizing heavy equipment on Faulkner County Roads.

Road Ordinances:

84-13 Private Roads
07-06 Road Identification
07-15 Road Construction Requirements
07-10 Heavy Oil and Gas Equipment
07-13 Gravel Roads Specifications
08-11 Rules and Regulations Related to the Faulkner County Road System
Exhibit A to Ordinance 08-11
08-20 Ordinance

Downloadable Documents:

Road Improvements Guide
Road Improvement Permit Request
Road Inspection Form
County Maintained Roads