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Public Review

Pending Ordinances:

 Ordinances are local laws. Each ordinance should be consistent with state or federal law and should be in agreement with applicable court decisions. 

 There are several steps involved in the creation of an ordinance:

• First, the idea for an ordinance is introduced to the appropriate committee of the Quorum Court. There it is discussed, and is often passed back and forth between interested parties, committee members, and the county attorney until a rough draft is prepared.
• Once the Proposed Ordinance is approved by the Committee, the Committee sends it to the full Quorum Court.  
• At the Quorum Court, the county attorney reads the ordinance, and the members of the Court discuss it and listen to public comment on it. 
• The court can then defeat, postpone, pass, or refer the ordinance back to a committee for study. A majority vote is required for the passage of an ordinance (A.C.A. §14-55-203). 
• Within seven days after passage, all ordinances must be reviewed by the county judge and published in a newspaper of general circulation (§14-14-905). Appropriation ordinances, those that designate funds, are effective immediately after passage but must be published within two days after approval by the county judge (§14-14-907). 

 Pending ordinances are those which are still in the rough draft phase of the process described above. Follow the links below to view the current pending ordinances. Since these ordinances are still being discussed and influence local citizens, opinions and comments are welcome and greatly appreciated. Please direct all comments and opinions to the county civil attorney ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ):

Proposed Commercial Shooting Range Ordinance

Proposed RITA Ordinance

Proposed RITA Agreement