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Heavy Oil and Gas Equipment

Be it enacted by the Quorum Court of the County of Faulkner, State of Arkansas. An Ordinance to be entitled: an Ordinance to establish the bonding for driving Heavy oil and gas Equipment on County Roads

Section 1: It shall be required by Faulkner County that all Oil and Gas companies who will be driving heavy equipment on the Roads of Faulkner County shall notify the County Judge of their intent to use such roads.

Section 2: If, prior to exploration and drilling for oil and gas, it appears that an oil and gas company or an individual who is to explore and drill will be driving heavy equipment on county roads then the company or individual shall file a reasonable bond with the county, as the case may be, to cover anticipated damages to the county roads.

Section 3: The bond shall be in an amount determined by the county road foreman and supervisor to be sufficient to repair damage caused to the roads by operating the equipment on them.

Section 4: This is to be in accordance with Arkansas code 27-66-507

Dated: March 20, 2007 Dated: March 20, 2007

Jeff Johnston, Preston Scroggin
Quorum Court Secretariat, Faulkner County Judge