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Road Identification

Be it enacted by the Quorum Court of the County of Faulkner, State of Arkansas. An Ordinance to be entitled: An Ordinance levying a fee for the cost of road identification signs in platted subdivisions.

Section 1: A fee will be charged for the road identification markers installed by Faulkner County 9-1-1, in platted subdivisions, within Faulkner County.

Section 2: The Developer will be responsible for purchasing signs. Signs must be purchased from Faulkner County. Signage costs will be based on the sign materials, including post, bracket, sign, lettering and Installation.

Section 3: Faulkner County 9-1-1 will be responsible for installing and maintaining the signs.

Section 4: An emergency is hereby declared to exist as this Ordinance is necessary for the proper and timely conduct of county operations and this Ordinance shall be in force and take effect upon passage and publication.

Dated: February 20, 2007 Dated: February 20, 2007

Jeff Johnston, Preston Scroggin
Quorum Court Secretariat, Faulkner County Judge