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Veteran Services



Faulkner County Veteran's Service Officer

Albert Meyer

Arkansas Department of Veterans Affairs

The ADVA is a State Agency established to assist Veterans, their families, and survivors in processing claims with the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. The Department was created by the Legislature as the Arkansas Service Bureau in 1923.

The ADVA is Located in North Little Rock, AR at the Fort Roots V.A. Campus in building 65.

Under the supervision of the Arkansas Department of Veterans affairs, is the County Veterans Services Officer, Albert Meyer. He was appointed by, and operates at the pleasure of the County Judge. A portion of his salary is paid by the county and a portion by the state.

Each County maintains its own Veterans Service Officer. All services provided by the Arkansas Department of Veterans Affairs, and all services provided by the County Veterans Services Office are available without charge and without regard to affiliation or membership in any group or organization.

The main function of the County Veterans Service Office is to advise and council with the claimant in the assistance of the preparation of forms, and securing the necessary supporting evidence to complete such forms.

The County Veterans Service Office maintains all of the forms, applications, etc., to assist the veteran and/or his or her dependents in their quest for pension, compensation, education, health care, burial in national cemeteries, head stones, etc. The Officer will assist in any way to ensure that the veterans and their dependents are receiving the help that they need to secure Federal and State benefits to which they are entitled, based on the veterans service in the United States Armed Forces.


Faulkner County Veterans Office
1411 Robinson Ave.
Conway, AR 72034

Phone: 501-329-5945
Fax: 501-450-4972
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Office Hours: Tuesday & Wednesday 8:00-4:00
In and out of office daily